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Social Anthropology

Derrida en Corse? Hospitality as scale-free abstraction

A few years after the French press resonated with the immigration debates which inspired Derrida's influential thoughts on hospitality, the paradoxes of hospitality once again gripped the French public imagination, this time in relation to sanctuary given to a suspected murderer on the island of Corsica... This paper follows Corsican hospitality in its various ethnographic, media and philosophical/literary incarnations. Through a careful ethnographic tracing of the material-semiotic moves which enable events on one scale to have effects and significance on another, the paper argues that analytical or philosophical uses of hospitality as a scale-free abstraction should be treated with caution.

Candea, M. 2012. 'Derrida en Corse? Hospitality as scale-free abstraction'. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

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